Sunday, September 21, 2008


Boum said...

You always have these awesome huge posts :)

Atomier said...

Its because I never update all that often. Some of this is actually finished.

paulE said...

its so good to see new things from you. even though i had a sneak peak last time i saw you of some of these.
i love the finished version of the city and forest one.
in therms of the smashing pumpkins ones, my favorite is the one that isnt on the big board but in red and more clean. with the rounded square shape. i think you should colour that one instead of the big one.

i love you so much, and your art.

Atomier said...

I started it today but I think I fucked up the colors a bit.

I will get a copy made of it from my original scan and try it again. I think I have it in a big enough resolution that it'll still look good. I'd consider re-drawing it too. I like this idea so much I really want to make it look right.

paulE said...

thats what happens sometimes when you're too in love with a concept, or part of your drawing. the rest, or something else gets fucked up since you're pressuring yourself.
redrawing never really worked for me. i think the print is a good idea.