Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drawing Smoothie

This is what happens when I get art-block. I haven't been drawing anything new recently so I started playing with old drawing and putting them together like Lego in Photoshop. It's fun seeing if they fit together in anyway. I think it looks ok. This is sort of a re-hash of my last few all blended.

This week I'm actually getting back to work again for real submitting designs to www.wildcardlove.com for a chance to work with those guys.

Cross your fingers kids! It's GO time. :)


paule said...

this is very hard to read. sort of like the tshirts for the aqua center. this is in your taste lately..
i just think its too close to see the difference between the two colours.

Atomier said...

Oh maybe I should make it darker?

paule said...

merci mon amour.

now it feels warm and poluted. and yellow and modern.
i like how all those drawings make so much sens together.