Friday, May 7, 2010

ERRI Book 1 out June 2nd!

I'm so stoked I finally have the green light to post this. June 2nd is our launch date for the new illustration book we've been working on over the past months. It's so soon and I'm excited and nervous for the book launch.

This is how the cover worked out after the color adjustments by Ika

Lines and colors by Me
Tone and color adjustments for cover by Ika
Logo design by Joseph Pacal

Here is the original

And check out all these links that tell you more about the project. It'll be availible to by on the Downspire homepage in June.!/group.php?gid=196021154739&ref=ts


Vincent Desbiens said...

They both kick asssssss!!

Atomier said...

Thanks Vince :)